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Entry 2

When I decided I’d propose to Jennifer, I came up with a fairly complicated plan. One of the elements of the plan was a full moon. I had the ring, knew the date, and I was ready.

A few days before the planned proposal, Jennifer became quite sick. I pra

yed for her virtually every moment of every day. Miracle of miracles, she began to recover with a day to spare. Then, I became ill. But I was determined. I was going to fill myself with medicine to mask my symptoms.

That night, she still wasn’t one hundred percent. I wasn’t fifty percent. And it was cloudy.

I decided the proposal could wait twenty nine days until the next full moon. Preparation is the most important part of a plan, but timing is the most underestimated.

Truth be told, that month was the longest of my life. But that night in the moonlight? It was perfect. I’ll never forget her eyes.

So prepare. Never stop. But only execute the plan when the timing will best service it.

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